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Anti-birds SAFETY NETS

R S Brothers safety nets are offering to valued clients the best Pigeon Nets in Chennai, weaved by making use of supreme quality 100% co-polymer nylon and other materials.

Balcony Pigeon NETS

Balconies really give outlook for high raised buildings, but at the same time need safety for well being. Therefore get install by R S Brothers Balcony Pigeon Nets for your comfortably.

Construction Safety Nets

It enables the workers to work safely at great heights. These are fabricated using polypropylene ropes in knotted meshes that enhance the effectiveness of fall arrest function.


Monkey Safety Nets is basically used for avoiding monkeys and other animals which trespassing your areas. Monkeys or other kind of animals used to play and live on tree branches.

Parking Safety Nets

Parking Lot Safety Nets are specially designed to secure vehicles from damage. Especially companies and industries are need of parking lot nets because they have responsible to protect employees vehicles

Nylon Safety Nets

This company also produced polyester wire application nylon. At this company specializes in supplying a large variety of netting mesh and screening fabric materials for a wide spectrum of uses and applications.